Azon Commission Crusher – A Peek Inside

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Azon Commission Crusher

Interested in Azon Commission Crusher? Here is a bit of a sneak peek inside so you know what you are about to get with your purchase.

First, this is a very easy to set up WordPress plugin that can be used as a pop up, side bar search widget, or both. It is fully customizable, and after testing it, works VERY WELL. I think from uploading, to installing, to customizing, to going live it took about 3 minutes.

Once you complete your purchase you have access to the Platinum members area. The content here is simply amazing. Here is a list of categories:azon_platinum

  • Platinum Members Welcome
  • Overview
  • Strategy
  • Picking Products
  • Build Landing Page
  • Landing Page In WordPress
  • Setting Up a Campaign
  • Optimizing Your Campaign
  • Azon Commission Crusher PPC Guide
  • Azon Plugin Download
  • Fast Action Azon Commission Crusher Bonuses
  • Special Surprise Bonuses
  • Title Images Bonus

Many of these categories have videos that clearly walk you through getting Azon Commission Crusher up and running.

I noticed that there are people out there trying to give it away free on the Blackhat type sites. I would recommend you stay away from these as coding can be included in the scripts that could take away all your commissions as they include their own affiliate ids in the code. You have been warned!

So why wait? Every second that passes could mean one more person passing up your site. With Azon Commission Crusher they will reveal huge discounts on products they want and you will benefit by being an Amazon affiliate. So, click here now and get your copy of Azon Commission Crusher!


azoncommissioncrusherbox buynow

A special price is up for a limited time, so click here to take advantage of the extremely low introductory price. If you wait, the price is planned to go up to over $500.

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Increase Amazon Click Thru Rate With This Little Trick

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by Dean Lodge,
mousemoneyIf you are like me, and looking online for your next purchase, there is a lot I take into account before I buy. Let’s just say I am not that trusting of what is offered online.

And that’s okay.

Now when I do find something that I consider purchasing online, I like to get a feel of what others think of it, through reviews, comments, and detailed specifications. If others like it, I likely will like it as well and choose a favored product over one that is less favored.

Survival of the fittest.

One of those things I look for when deciding to purchase is rating of a product. Now while some rating systems you see might not be completely legit, if you gain the trust of your visitors, they will likely trust what you have to say and offer, including a rating system.

How many times are you choosing a 5 star product over a 4 or 3 star product? That’s because you trust something that is rated 5 stars – especially if there are a lot of buyers giving any product a 5 star rating.

This is one of the advantages of promoting Amazon products – they have a rating system in place (and comments) that people use to guide their next purchase.


So when you are promoting Amazon (or really anything for that matter) products, include a rating for each product. If they see that you are promoting a 4 to 5 star product they are more likely to click through to buy. They trust a product more if you can show that it is rated highly.

AND not only will they click through more, once they are on the Amazon site through your link, a cookie is stored on their computer with your affiliate information. Any time they come back to Amazon within 30 days, your affiliate link is still live and you get credit for the sale!

And if you want to personalize your rating system to your specific theme, instead of stars, use images of your products. For example, if you are promoting vacuums, use a rating system that shows 1-5 vacuums. See an example below.

So that’s it. A very system tweak to your business that will build trust in your visitors and have them clicking through more than ever.

Taking this a step further, combining your rating system with some amazing prices for your visitors will have them clicking through at an insane rate. An awesome new WordPress plugin sets you up for success by digging into Amazon to find the best deals (up to 90% off) you can offer your visitors. It is called Azon Commission Crusher. If you truly want to succeed as an Amazon affiliate, you need to get the Azon Commisssion Crusher plugin.


Keep making money,


PS I have included some examples below of stars that you are free to copy. Just right click and save as.